Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still Unemployed

Yes, still no job. Fortunately, the Federal Government has 13 additional weeks of Unemployment Insurance for me, so at least I get a little something. I use the money I get, which is about 65% less than I was making, to buy Ramen Noodles and macaroni and cheese in a box, because that's all I can afford to eat. Okay, that's not true at all, but it makes it sound pitiful and that was what I was aiming for.

It's funny, because people say "Oh! You should write a book!" Okay, great. Well, I have enough written material to fill a book (bearing in mind that most of it is random thoughts that I simply wrote down long before this phenomenon known as "blogging" came in to being, where anyone on the planet can have their written words seen by a katrillion eyes), but the problem is 1) I don't have an agent; 2) I can't get an agent until I have been published, and; 3) No agent will take on an unpublished author. I wonder if when the 13 weeks of additional UI is up I will be eligible for the additional additional 7 weeks.

Some people have even said "You can make money blogging!" Really? Where did you hear or read that? Please send me the link to the blogging cash source, because I want a golden egg from that goose. Or, did you just make that up because you feel superior, sitting there at you job making money and buying yourself new pants and electronic doo-dads? Because guess what? You can't make money blogging! Oh, okay, maybe if I write a 600 piece on something I will get $3. Yes, I said three dollars.

Of course, I could set up a donation button on this blog, and if you enjoyed it, you can send me $3. But I will refrain from that. For now anyway.

Okay, I am off now to go over Joanne's house. She is my TV partner and we are going to play Wii and write. Not blog, write. There's a difference, you know.

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